How to remove the recessed lighting shower trims

Written by cecilia harsch | 13/05/2017
How to remove the recessed lighting shower trims
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Recessed lighting shower trims are watertight lenses and trims with rubber gaskets. Installed correctly, a shower trim protects against moisture penetrating the inside of the fixture, avoiding damage to the light bulb socket and the interior of the recessed housing. You must remove the recessed lighting shower trim from the housing to replace the light bulb. Other styles of recessed lighting trims allow you to simply remove the light bulb without removing the trim or disconnecting the electricity.

Turn off the breaker inside the main circuit panel that supplies electricity to the recessed shower light. You will need to place your hands inside the fixture, and turning off the breaker will guarantee your safety.

Stand on a sturdy stool or step ladder, grasp the lip of the shower trim with your fingers, and pull down toward you. This exposes the two rod springs attached to the shower trim that hold the shower trim in the L-brackets inside the recessed housing. The rod spring consists of two wires for each side of the trim that spring open, holding the trim inside the recessed housing.

Place your thumb and forefinger from each hand on each rod spring wire. Squeeze the two wires on each rod spring simultaneously toward each other to release them from the L-brackets located on the inside of the recessed housing. Pull the trim from the housing.

Things you need

  • Stool or step ladder

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