How to Update NavCore 8 for the TomTom Go 700

Updated April 17, 2017

Updating navigation software helps ensure the user remains on the correct path when using the GPS system. With Tom Tom home, users automatically update the device with just a couple simple steps. The software determines what map updates, software updates and applications are available for that specific device. Updating frequently ensures the maps are current, preventing the user from getting lost due to an older map version.

Connect the Tom Tom to the computer using the USB cable. Tom Tom Home opens automatically.

Select "Update My Device" from the Tom Tom Home main menu. This needs to be done only if the device does not update automatically.

Log into the Tom Tom home account when prompted. The user must be logged in to see any available updates.

Click "Update and Install" on the next screen where all the available updates and applications are listed. The NavCore 8 is now updated to the latest version available.

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