How to Convert a DAT File to CSV

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A DAT file is a generic data file that is created by a number of different applications. Some DAT files are video or image files, others are text-based database files. If the file is text-based, you can most likely rename the file as a comma separated values (CSV) file, or open the file in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. From there, you'll be able to save the file as a CSV file, a format that is readable by all spreadsheet applications. If you cannot import the file into a spreadsheet, you may need to use a third-party conversion tool.

Locate a DAT file on your computer.

Right-click the file and select "Open With."

Select "Microsoft Excel" or a similar spreadsheet application. This will launch the application and open the DAT file.

Go to the "Save as" command to resave the file. Click the "Save as Type" drop-down menu.

Select comma separated values (CSV). Click "Save."

Determine the contents of the DAT file. If you know for sure the file contains text only and is likely a database-type file, you can rename the file extension.

Locate the file on your computer.

Click the name of the file once until you see a box outlining the file name.

Change the ".dat" extension to ".csv."

Open the file in a spreadsheet application in order to view the contents.

Download and install a free trial of a third-party conversion tool such as ABC Amber Clarion Converter or I2C POI Format Converter if the above methods are not possible.

Open the application and select your DAT file to convert it.

Select CSV from the output options.

Click "Save as" or "Start," depending on the tool you are using. The new CSV file will be saved on your computer.

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