How to Become an Online Travel Agent for Free

For people who love to travel but also enjoy working from home, a job as an online travel agent can be a full-time career or a great way to make extra income as a second career. Agents sell vacation packages through their own websites, which you can set up for free through an online travel agent training program such as those offered by Home Based Travel Agents. Travel agents often have access to vacation deals and other perks as well.

Fill out an online application/registration form for a free online travel agent course. Home Based Travel Agents and the UK-based Online Travel Training are two free training resources for aspiring online/home-based travel agents.

Complete as many training programs as your selected travel agent training website will allow, or as many as you need to feel comfortable with your level of expertise. Training programs can include how to find clients, how to book airlines, hotels, tours, cars and vacation packages, how to raise funds for charity groups, how to get repeat sales, and marketing ideas and techniques.

Obtain your Errors & Omissions Insurance. This is necessary to work as an online travel agent, because you will be handling thousands of dollars' worth of customer cash and credit charges, according to Home Based Travel Agents. Insurance costs £32 a month or £357 a year.

Get licensed if your state requires it. While travel agents generally are not required to have a license to work in an agency or from home, some states require a Travel Sellers License for selling travel, according to the AAA Travel Agent Training Center. These states are California, Florida, Hawaii, Delaware, New York, Maine, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Virginia, Rhode Island, Ohio and Illinois.

Home Based Travel Agents pays for membership costs and industry certifications for companies like the International Airlines Travel Agent Network, a supplier that pays agents commissions on bookings through its customer airlines.

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