Olympus LI 40C Battery Charger Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The Olympus LI 40C battery charger is designed to be used with Olympus LI 40B and LI 42B lithium-ion digital camera batteries. These batteries fit in Olympus LI 40B and LI 42B digital cameras. Recharge the batteries as needed to maintain sufficient power for the camera. Remove the batteries from the camera and place them in the battery charger in order to recharge.

Slide the locking mechanism on the battery cover, located on the bottom of the Olympus digital camera, while simultaneously sliding the cover outward or away from the camera.

Lift the small latch that holds the battery in place in the housing unit. Once released, tilt the camera so the battery slides out.

Slide the battery into the LI 40C battery charger. The side of the battery with the arrow on it should be upward facing with the arrow pointing in the same direction as the indicator arrow in the charger's bay.

Plug the battery charging into an electrical socket. The LED charging indicator light will display a red colour, indicating the battery is charging.

Unplug the battery and remove it from the battery charger once the LED charging indicator light turns off, indicating the battery is fully charged. Reinsert the battery into the digital camera.

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