How to Block Numbers Contacting You on Your Mobile Phone in the UK

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether it's annoying sales calls from telemarketers or unwanted contact from a former partner, occasionally you may wish to block certain telephone numbers from calling your mobile phone. Asking your mobile phone carrier network to ban specific numbers from calling you is unlikely to be successful, because United Kingdom providers do not offer this service. However, there are several steps you can take to block nuisance callers.

Register your mobile phone number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). The TPS offers a free service that prevents mobile and landline phone users in the UK from receiving unwanted sales and marketing calls. The TPS can prevent only calls, not SMS text message spam. TPS registration will not prevent calls from telemarketers if you have chosen to receive them.

Block a particular phone number by programming your mobile phone handset. Some makes of mobile phone offer a "block caller" or "caller blacklist" feature through the telephone directory function. This will either send the blocked caller directly to voicemail or bar the call completely. Many of the latest mobile phones, and those using the Symbian operating system, offer this feature. For some phones, you will need to download a dedicated "caller blacklist" application. Check your mobile phone instruction manual for more details.

Assign a silent ringtone to the telephone number you wish to ignore. Create or download a silent ringtone and save it to your phone's ringtone storage folder. Add the nuisance phone number to your mobile phone's telephone directory and allocate the silent ringtone to this number.


Always read the "small print" before signing up for any mobile telephone service. Tick the appropriate box if you do not wish to receive sales or marketing calls.

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