How to Reset a Garmin 255W

Updated February 21, 2017

The Garmin 255W is a GPS navigation unit that helps you determine your location and navigate to a destination by using data from the global positioning satellite network combined with on-board maps. It has a touch screen display. Type in the name of a place to find it on the map, and you will hear step-by-step instructions to get to the location. If the Garmin 255W is having a problem or if you want to erase the data recorded for recent trips or for the vehicle's fuel economy, you can easily reset it by following a few steps.

Touch "Menu."

Touch "View Map."

Touch the "Speed" field on the display.

Touch "Reset Trip." This resets the information in the trip computer.

Touch "Tools," and then touch "ecoRoute." This is where you can enter information about your vehicle's average city and highway fuel economy and fuel type. If you want to reset the vehicle profile data, touch "Reset."

Slide the "Power" key to the left position and hold it for eight seconds to reset the Garmin 225 if it is having a problem.

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