How to Set Up Sky Broadband

Updated April 17, 2017

Combining your digital television and Internet services into one package can save money and simplify your finances. Sky Television offers high-speed broadband Internet to customers in the United Kingdom. Sky Broadband is free for subscribers to Sky's digital-television packages. Non-subscribers can also sign-up for a monthly fee. Sky Broadband is easy to set up, so save the installation charge by fitting the system yourself. Sky will send you a self-install kit that contains everything needed to get Sky Broadband up and running.

Disconnect the cable for your landline telephone from the wall socket.

Connect the supplied ADSL micro-filter to the telephone wall socket.

Plug in the cable for your landline telephone to the correct socket on the ADSL micro-filter. This will be labelled with a telephone icon or the word "Tel."

Connect the Sky Broadband router to the other socket on the ADSL micro-filter with the supplied cable.

Connect your computer to the Sky Broadband router with the supplied LAN (Local Area Network) cable.

Connect the router to an AC power supply and switch it on. The router will set up automatically. Ensure your Internet connection is working properly.

Set up laptop computers or other wireless devices to work with your Sky Broadband router. Most laptops will find the connection automatically. To use the wireless connection, you will need to enter the correct SSID (Service Set Identifier) and security key on each wireless device. These are both marked on the underside of the Sky Broadband router.


An easy way to install Sky Broadband is to use the step-by-step set-up and software CD supplied with the self-install kit. Contact Sky Broadband if you need additional ADSL micro-filters or components. Advanced users can change Sky Broadband router settings. Enter "" into the address bar of your computer's Web browser. The default user name is "admin" and the password is "sky."

Things You'll Need

  • Land-line telephone connection
  • ADSL micro-filter
  • Sky Broadband router
  • Router cables
  • Sky Broadband set-up CD
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