How to Change the Default Settings for a Canon Printer Driver MP500

Updated April 17, 2017

Whenever a printer is installed on a computer, it is necessary to install the printer's driver. This is what allows the computer and the printer to communicate. The configurable options on the printer's driver will vary, depending upon the printer model, but the Canon Pixma MP500 provides a number of settings that can be adjusted based on personal preference. If you wish to overwrite the default settings for the MP500 with your own settings, you can.

Click the "Start" or "Windows" button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Select the "Control Panel" option.

Double click the "Printers" or "Devices and Printers" option.

Right-click on the "Canon MP500 Series Printer" icon, then select the "Printing Preferences" option.

Click the tabs at the top of the window to navigate between the different categories of settings, then make any desired changes to the default printer driver settings in those categories.

Click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the window to overwrite the default settings with your new changes. Click the "OK" button to close the window.


Adjusting your print driver settings can be a great way to improve print quality and decrease ink usage. Always make sure that the correct paper type is selected when printing, and only use the "High" print quality setting when quality is important. The "Standard" and "Fast" settings will help you conserve ink.

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