How to Make Wonder Woman Boot Covers

Updated April 17, 2017

Wonder Woman is a super hero with heels. The heeled go-go boots, the star-spangled spandex and a golden tiara are Wonder Woman's claim to fashion fame. The red and white boots are a key component in your transition from ordinary woman to extraordinary super hero; fortunately they can easily be recreated using standard go-go boots and a fabric covering.

Choose a fabric. A stretchy rayon blend will fit snugly to the boot and give off a sheen that will complement the dazzle of the costume. Fabrics such as felt, cotton or polyester will work but they will be less malleable.

Fit the red fabric to your boots. The fabric will stretch flush over the tall portion of the boot to the toes. Pull the fabric underneath the toes. You will need at least three inches of fabric underneath the toe where you will add elastic. Mark your measurements using the chalk.

Cut your fabric. Cut your red fabric pieces large to accommodate for mistakes.

Sew the red fabric inside out. Leave the bottom portion you reserved for the elastic loose.

Place a strip of elastic inside the loose fabric. Fold the end of the fabric over the elastic so that the seam for the elastic will not be visible on the boot. Pin the fabric into place. Sew the fabric holding the elastic into place. Leave the ends loose as you will want to check the size and tack the ends in place with a needle and thread.

Fit the cover on the boot and mark the placement of the white strip along the most anterior portion of the boot.

Cut the white fabric. Cut a stripe for the anterior portion of the boot that comes to a point at the top. Another white strip encircles the top of the covering, this can be fitted to the top of the red fabric. The top portion of white fabric also comes to a point facing up toward the knee.

Sew the white fabric to the red.

Slip the covers over your boots. Tack the corners of the elastic using the needle and thread for a snug fit.


Keep pictures of Wonder Woman close at hand for reference.

Things You'll Need

  • Go-go boots
  • Red and white fabric
  • 8-inch elastic strip
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
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