How to Mount Joysticks to a Chair

Updated February 21, 2017

For gamers who love flight simulators, nothing beats having a real gaming chair with the joystick mounted right onto the arm. Having your joystick mounted onto your chair makes it that much easier to imagine that you are flying a real plane. If you want to experience this pleasure for yourself, you can buy a custom-built gaming chair. Unfortunately, though, these chairs can be very expensive. If you already have an office chair, you can save some cash by picking up a mountable joystick that you can attach to your furniture at home.

Shop around for the mountable joystick best suited to your needs. Some kits come with a single simple joystick and a bracket for your chair. Other, more elaborate kits come with joysticks, foot pedals and even speaker systems. What you buy will depend upon your budget and your gaming needs.

Unpack your new mountable joystick and confirm that all the pieces you need for mounting are included in your box. The joystick itself should be attached to a raised platform bolted to another platform.

Unscrew the bolts that attach the bottom of your joystick to the upper, raised platform. Be careful not to lose any pieces.

Sit in your gaming chair and place your joystick where you want it to rest on the arm of the chair. Be sure that it is in a comfortable position for you to play in, not too far and not too close. You should be able to rest your elbow on the arm of the chair.

Place the bottom platform beneath the top platform that the joystick is mounted on. Make sure to hold the top very still, and replace the screws and secure the top platform to the bottom platform. The tighter you make the screws, the less likely your joystick is to move. If the arms of your office chair are upholstered, however, you risk damaging the upholstery when you mount your joystick.

Install the software that came with your new joystick onto your computer. Your gaming chair is now ready for action.

Things You'll Need

  • Office chair
  • Mountable joystick kit
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