How to recover information from a SIM card

Updated April 17, 2017

SIM cards are tiny square devices that hold information for the user. The type of information that a SIM card usually holds includes contact phone numbers, text messages, ringtones, ringbacks, pictures and data that can get collected on a cell phone. If you find that you cannot access this information through the cell phone or device that the SIM card is in, there are other ways to collect the data that you need from the SIM card.

Remove the SIM card from the cell phone or device that the SIM card is located in. Turn the device off before you remove the SIM card so that you do not damage the device or the SIM card.

Place your SIM card into a SIM card reader that can connect to a computer. Connect the SIM card reader to the computer via a USB cord, with one side of the cord inserted into the SIM card reader and the other side inserted into the computer.

Connect to the Internet and go to a web page that will allow you to download a SIM recovery program. Download the SIM recovery program onto your computer. The price of the SIM recovery program will vary depending on the program that you decide to download.

Install the SIM recovery program on your computer after you have downloaded it by pressing the "Install" button.

Open the SIM recovery program so that it shows up on your desktop.

Click on the type of data that you want to recover. Examples of this type of information on the data can include "Contacts," "Pictures" or "Ringtones."

Access your computer's control panel by clicking on "Start" and then by finding and clicking "Control Panel."

Click on the "SIM" card icon in your control panel. This allows you to view the data located on your SIM card and to see if you have recovered the data that you required.


You might not get all the data from your SIM card, but you should be able to collect at least some of it.

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