Canoscan 4400F Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canoscan 4400F is a scanner created by Canon that scans photos, documents and film negatives using its 4800-by-9600 dpi lens, which provides well-detailed, crisp images. A preview of any scanned item is available within five seconds, even when scanning at maximum resolution. The device comes with computer software that allows you to manage your scanned images.

Insert the provided installation CD into your CD drive. Click "Easy Install" and follow the on-screen instructions to install Photostudio. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer.

Peal the seals off the bottom of the scanner and slide the lock switch towards the unlock logo.

Use the USB cable to connect the scanner to your computer. Connect the AC adaptor to the scanner and plug it into a free plug.

Place a document or photo face down onto the glass part of the scanner and close the cover. If scanning film, remove the protective sheet from the document cover and remove the film guide. Open the film holder, insert the film strip, close the holder and reinsert the guide.

Click start, select "Programs" and open "Photostudio." Click "Select Source" from the "File" menu and select the Canoscan 4400F from the list of devices.

Click the "Acquire" icon to start ScanGear, select the type of document you are scanning -- negative film, document, photo -- and click "Preview."

Adjust the "Destination" and "Output Size" settings if you wish, then click "Scan" to begin scanning. When prompted, click "OK" to close ScanGear -- save the scanned image in Photostudio and close the window.

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