Operating Instructions for Skyscan Atomic Clock Model 86722

Updated February 21, 2017

The Skyscan atomic clock model 86722 keeps the current time and date by way of an transmitter without you having to set it yourself. The transmitter also reads the temperature outside and displays the information on your clock. Once you have your atomic clock, you might need directions on how to set it up and use it properly. You'll want your clock operating correctly before you rely on it to wake you up and guide you throughout your day. Testing the device yourself will save you time and have your clock running sharply in little time.

Slip your finger underneath the battery compartment flap on the back of the atomic clock and pull out to remove it. Insert two AA 1.5-volt batteries into the chamber in accordance with the polarity directions printed inside the chamber. Replace the battery cover. You will see the LCD screen light up with the indoor temperature, the time (blank), the date and the weekday.

Put your finger into the battery compartment groove of the transmitter and pull the cover away. Insert two AA 1.5-volt batteries into the chamber, and replace the battery cover within two minutes of inserting batteries into the clock. The transmitter and clock will begin communicating with each other. Place or mount the transmitter outside. The time and date will automatically update on the clock within 10 minutes.

Push and hold the "Alarm" button (located on the front of the clock) for two seconds to enter into alarm-setting mode. You will see the hour begin to blink. Push the "+" key (located on the front of the clock) to choose the hour you would like the alarm to sound. Push the "Alarm" key again to move to the minute placeholder. They will begin to blink. Push the "+" key to select the desired wake minute. Push the "Alarm" key to exit and save your settings.

Push the "Snooze" button to postpone the alarm from sounding for 10 minutes, after the alarm has gone off. Turn the alarm off completely by pushing the "Alarm" key.

Push the "+" key to manually set the desired hour, if the transmitter is unable to transmit information to the clock. Push the "Set" key (located on the front of the clock) to activate the minute placeholder, which will flash. Push the "+" key to scroll to the correct minute, and push the "Set" key. Hold down the "+" while setting the minute to increase the scrolling numbers by five.

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