How to Block Unwanted International Phone Numbers

Updated March 23, 2017

You can easily get fed up of telemarketers and other people calling you all the time. You can put an end to all these annoying calls, if you want. Almost all telephone service providers offer a call blocking feature. International calls, however, don't reveal their numbers on the caller ID screen. Either way, you can still block them in just a few minutes.

Dial "*60" from your telephone. If this code doesn't work, contact your service provider, and ask for the specific code that works on your phone.

Select the "Call Blocking" feature from the list of options.

Enter the unwanted international phone number when the IVR prompts you to.

Hang up when the process is completed. All future calls from the specified numbers will be blocked.

Call your telephone service provider.

Select the option which lets you talk to the operator for further assistance, and wait for the call to be transferred.

Request the phone company representative to add the feature to your account that blocks all "Unknown" calls. Unknown calls are the ones that do not show their numbers on your caller ID. This facility will privatise your phone, which means you will only get calls from callers who wish to reveal their name and number. When somebody with an unknown number calls, he will hear a recording asking him to reveal his number, or the call will be disconnected. This service is provided by many network providers.

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