How to Wrap Round Boxes

Updated February 21, 2017

Cookie tins, hat boxes and cans of nuts or popcorn are just a few of the cylindrical items you might want to wrap as a gift for someone. Because of the shape of the box, the usual gift-wrapping techniques will not work well. With some practice, you can learn how to gift wrap round boxes to make a circular pattern of folded wrapping paper on the top of the box.

Measure the circumference of the box and add one to two inches to this amount to determine the length of wrapping paper you need.

Measure the diameter of the top of the box plus the height of the flat side of the box and add one to two inches to determine the width of your wrapping paper.

Cut a rectangle of wrapping paper to the dimensions you found in your measurements.

Set the round box on its side in the middle of the wrapping paper, making sure the length of wrapping paper that corresponds to the circumference of the box extends in the correct direction. Bring these ends of the paper up and around the box and secure it with tape so the wrapping paper covers the box around its circumference.

Turn the box so the bottom faces up and hold it tightly between your knees. If you have something handy that you could set the box on while you work, this would be another way to wrap the bottom without wrinkling the wrapping paper extending off the top.

Fold one of the corners of wrapping paper into the centre of the round bottom and hold it in place with one hand. With the other hand, bring a spot a few inches along the edge of the paper to the centre of the box and fold a pleat from the centre to the rim of the box so the paper lies flat.

Continue working along the edge of the wrapping paper, bringing it to the centre and folding a pleat so the paper is flat against the bottom of the box. You will end up with a pattern of pie-shaped sections of wrapping paper. Try to keep the width of your pleats consistent for the best look.

Bring the last corner of the wrapping paper into the centre and fold the edge under to make this piece have a pie shape like the rest.

Secure the wrapping paper in the centre with at least two pieces of tape.

Flip the gift over and repeat the process to cover the top of the box with wrapping paper. This should be easier because you can set the gift directly on the table now, and you have already practised on the bottom.

Place a bow in the centre of the top of the box to hide the tape you used to secure the wrapping paper.


If you are having trouble getting the gift wrap to cooperate when covering the top and bottom of the box, consider cutting a circle of wrapping paper and gluing it over your messy wrapping attempt.

Things You'll Need

  • Flexible tape measure
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
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