How to Use an AirForce 4 Bike Pump

Written by eric cedric | 13/05/2017

Specialised Bicycles makes a series of floor and frame pumps to complement its bicycle line. The AirForce 4 is a frame pump with fixtures for Schrader and Presta valves. The little pump folds to a length of just over 9 inches when closed but delivers 160 psi of pressure with its dual push/pull pump action. Use this pump to inflate tires after mishaps on the road or trail.

Unscrew your bicycle tyre's air valve. If you use tires with Presta valves, unscrew to the tip of the metal fixture and let it rest off the valve.

Unscrew the barrel of the pump by turning the pump body to the left one half-turn. Extend the pump barrel out by pulling on the end.

Flick the lock mechanism open on the valve cap. This is the flat black lever on the top of the pump. When open, the lock should extend out, perpendicular to the pump body.

Place the appropriate valve from the AirForce pump onto the tire valve. The Air Force 4 has Schrader and Presta valves. The Schrader is the wider of the two.

Flick the lock lever back down to secure the pump valve onto the tire valve. Pump the barrel up and down until the tire if firm and you reach your desired psi.

Flick the lever open and pull the pump valve off the tire valve. Flick the lever closed, push the pump barrel back together and screw the tire valve cap back on.

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