How to make a fresh flower girl headdress

Updated April 17, 2017

A floral headdress made of fresh flowers is the signature attire of the flower girl. There is something angelic about the flower girl as she makes her entrance down the aisle just before the bride. Use fresh flowers for the flower girl's headdress from extra bouquet flowers or decoration floral arrangements. Create a pretty headdress that matches your flower girl's wedding attire.

Ask your florist for loose stems of flower designs that are being used in your floral arrangement and some florist wire. Most times florists will give you these items. Use bush flowers such as baby's breath to fill in your fresh flower headdress or as the main flower. Bush flowers are full bunches of flowers with greenery.

Lay out your flowers that will be used in your fresh flower headdress. Arrange them how you want them to be placed in the headdress. Cut the stems to 4 inches long. Take one piece of florist wire and make it into a loop at one end. Twist the ends of the loop back around the main wire loosely. Make sure to cut a long piece of florist wire; you can always bend or cut off what you don't need.

Secure your flower stem over the loop and under the twisted wire. Take a second piece of florist wire and wrap it around both the first wire and the flower stem to keep it in place. Add fresh flowers and secure them to the wire according to your arrangement design until you get to just about the end of the wire.

Make a loop at the end of the flower and twist the end back over the main wire. Stick a fresh flower stem in the loop to close it in. Fill in the blank spots by adding bush flowers or bay leaves and securing them with a second piece of wire. Keep each end loop of the headdress open just under the flower.

Place ribbon in the loops end under the fresh flower. Create streamers or use the ribbon as a way to make sure the floral headdress stays in place. Shape the flowers by trimming any green so that the headdress is even on all sides. Place the headdress in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it.


Coat the headdress with a flower sealant to keep the flowers fresh and hydrated the day of the wedding.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces taped florist wire, 14 inches
  • Assorted wedding flowers
  • Baby's breath
  • Bay leaves
  • Scissors
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