How to Make a Braided Whistle Lanyard

Updated April 17, 2017

As well as being useful, a braided lanyard for a whistle is a simple project that will give you plenty of practice in basic braiding stitches. You can use many kinds of materials to braid a lanyard. This tutorial assumes you'll use plastic lanyard string or plastic craft lace, but leather thong, ribbon or cord will work too.

Select two colours of lanyard string. Measure and cut 3 1/2 yards of each colour for a child's lanyard or 4 yards if you're making a lanyard for an adult.

Place the strings through your lanyard hook so that they are folded in half with the lanyard hook in the centre. Secure the lanyard hook to your work surface with push pins. You now have four strands: from left to right, strands one, two, three and four. Keep colours together. If you used blue and green, blue should be next to blue and green next to green.

Take strand four (the far right strand) and pass it around and behind strands three and two (the two middle strands). Pass it around and in front of strand two (the left middle strand). Take strand one (the far left strand) and pass it around and behind strands three and two (the two middle strands). Pass it around and on top of strand three. Pull the threads taut. Repeat until your lanyard is long enough.

Hold the braid so the four strands form a cross shape: left, right, top and bottom. Bring the top strand toward you, forming a loop. Take the bottom strand and pass it away from you, making a second loop. Pass the left strand up and over the first loop, then pass it under the second loop you made. Pass the right strand under the first loop and over the second loop. This forms a square knot.

Take the lanyard hook and pass it through the loose square knot. Pull the knot so that it is snug but not too tight; the braid should be able to move inside the square knot. Make another square knot, this time with the lanyard end of the braid through its centre. Keep making square knots around the braid until you have 10 or 12.

Make a final loose square stitch. Pass one of the loose strands around the strand to its left, then up through the centre of the square stitch. Repeat for all the other strands. Snip the strands so that 1 or 2 inches are left sticking out. Clip the whistle on the lanyard hook, and your project is finished.


If you need to take a break from braiding, you can stop your work from unravelling by wrapping a small piece of masking tape around the loose ends.


Children should be supervised when making lanyards. Metal clips and braided strings can hurt children if thrown or flicked.

Things You'll Need

  • Lanyard string
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Lanyard hook
  • Push pins
  • Whistle
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