How to Replace the Battery on a TomTom One XL

The TomTom One XL GPS device is a mobile navigation device. It features a removable lithium ion battery similar to those found in home cordless phone handsets. While the replacement procedure takes a moderate level of skill and careful handling, it can be done by most users. A replacement may be needed after thousands of recharges as evidenced by a decrease in battery performance.

Turn the TomTom over so that the back of the casing is facing you.

Use the flathead screwdriver to carefully pop out each of the four rubber grommets covering each of the four locking screws.

Use the Torx 8 tool to unscrew and remove each of the four locking screws. Note that some versions of the Tom Tom XL may have an Allen key-style screw which requires an Allen key tool. You can view an image of both the Torx 8 tool and the Allen key tool in the Resources section of this article.

Carefully remove the TomTom's backing to reveal the battery and internal components. Be careful not to pull away the back as the device's speaker is mounted on the inside of the backing attached to the circuit board by wires.

Lift the small piece of black tape holding the battery wire to the circuit board. Trace the battery wire to the white connection clip.

Grasp the white tip of the wire connector and pull it gently away from the connector on the circuit board. Only pull the small white tip closest to the outside of the circuit board; the off white plastic portion on the actual circuit board is soldered on and pulling that section could damage the device. View an image of the battery cable in the Resources section of this article.

Gently slide the battery out of the battery compartment. Position the new battery in place ensuring the battery fits snugly behind the small black plastic lip that prevents the battery from sliding onto the circuit board.

Reconnect the battery wire connection. Replace the small piece of black electrical tape being careful not to push down hard on the circuit board.

Replace the backing ensuring it is firmly in place. Replace the four screws and the four rubber grommets.


You must use a lithium ion battery with an mAh of 1150 and 3.7 volts for the TomTom One XL. Other batteries may cause the device to malfunction.

Things You'll Need

  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Torx 8 tool
  • TomTom One XL replacement battery model number F724035958
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