How to Find a Mobile Phone by Satellite

Updated February 21, 2017

A global positioning system, or GPS, works by using three satellites to triangulate the position of a GPS device. This will give you the location of the device within a few hundred feet. Nowadays, many mobile phones have a GPS chip in them, so if you install the right software you can find your mobile phone by satellite. This way you can use your phone to track someone or to navigate.

Sign up for a data plan with your mobile service provider. This will allow you to use the GPS as much as you would like without additional charges. As of 2010 these plans usually cost about £16 to £22 per month.

Sign up for GPS software. Several free ones are available. These include Google Maps for Mobile, Instamapper and Mologogo. Register by creating a user name and a password, and then providing a cell phone number and an e-mail address.

Open up the text message that you receive. Go to the link in the text message on the web browser in your mobile phone. Download the application and install it on your phone. All of these programs use Google Maps for their interface, so they all basically look and function the same, with some slight variations.

Go to the "Menu" on your phone and open up the "Applications." Open up the program that you installed. Your phone will begin receiving a signal from the orbiting satellite and it will send a signal to the servers for the software program.

Log in to the application's website and you will see a map and a red dot. The dot is your phone. You can now track it anywhere that it goes in the world as long as the phone and the application are turned on. You can choose from three different map settings including a road map, a satellite view and a hybrid view. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and zoom out and use the arrow buttons to scroll up down or sideways on the map.

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