Sentry Safe Master Opening Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

All electric Sentry safes come with a three or four number combination lock, which is printed on the front of the owner's manual. Use this combination to open the lock at any time and retrieve the items inside. This can be very beneficial especially if the batteries to the electric lock die. You do not need batteries to operate the combination lock. According to the Sentry, the three- or four-digit combination cannot be changed, so it's important to never forget the combination or lose the owner's manual.

Turn the safe's handle all the way so it is facing up in a horizontal position. Make sure the dial's pointer is set at zero.

Insert the safe's key into the lock. You can remove the key once the plunger pops out. The popping should happen automatically.

Turn the dial to the left, making sure the safe's pointer passes the number zero three times. On the fourth rotation, stop at the first number of your combination.

Turn the dial to the right. Stop the dial at the second number of the combination.

Turn the dial to the left. Stop turning as soon as the pointer hits the third number of the combination. If there's a fourth number, turn the dial to the right and stop at the fourth number in the combination. The safe's master lock will unlock if the combination is entered correctly.


To close and lock the safe, close the safe's door and turn the combination lock one full rotation in a clockwise direction. Make sure the door's handle is in the horizontal position.

Things You'll Need

  • Combination
  • Safe key
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