How to Stop a Heel Slip

Updated February 21, 2017

Heels that slip cause irritation on the back of the foot by rubbing as you walk. Your shoe may also drop to the floor before your foot is down, causing a clopping sound and forcing you to push your foot into the shoe as you step. There are three different remedies to make comfortable shoes out of that painful noisy pair. Even high heels with straps that slip in back can be adjusted for a better fit.

Place tongue pads in the tongue and instep of men's shoes that slip. Remove the plastic that covers the adhesive and press the pad into the underside of the tongue (the flap of material under the laces). The pad forces the foot back against the heel cup and stops the slipping.

Place heel pads in women's shoes that have a solid heel cup. Remove the cover from the adhesive backing of heel pads and press them into the upper back wall of the heel cups to close the space that causes the slipping. This works for flats and high heels with solid heel enclosures.

Place foot cushions, also known as halters, in shoes with straps or sling backs. Pull the cover off the adhesive and stick the halter onto the inner sole area under the ball of the foot to stop the foot from pushing forward and opening up the space in front of the strap.

Things You'll Need

  • Tongue pads
  • Heel pads
  • Halter cushions
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