Shoes similar to Nike Air Rift

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The Nike Air Rift was originally created in 1996 and was inspired by barefoot runners in Kenya. Manufactured with synthetic stretch-fit mesh and an air unit on the heel, this sleek sneaker is lightweight and comfortable with its ergonomic design.

Adidas Fluid Trainer

The adidas Fluid Trainer is similar to Nike's Air Rift in its design and lightweight feeling. According to the adidas website, the Fluid Trainer's structure helps to work with your foot's movement during workouts. The sneaker is comprised of a mesh material and the bottom is made of non-marking rubber. Adidas Fluid Trainers come in a variety of colours including purple, green and black.

Reebok Cirque Du Soleil Slipper

Reebok's Cirque Du Soleil Slipper is lightweight. This ballet-inspired shoe accommodates all foot types and is a combination of suede and leather. The shoe features a removable sock-liner and a patterned pod sole. Reebok's Cirque Du Soleil Slipper comes in black and purple for women.

New Balance WE060

New Balance's WE060 is an Earth-friendly shoe. Made with recycled material that is vegan, this New Balance shoe mimics its Nike counterpart by featuring easy fit and comfort. The WE060 was created to include a cork insert to reduce impact on the foot's natural movements. This Mary Jane-style shoe is featured only in tan.

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