How to Correct Chime Clock Timing

Written by allison melman | 13/05/2017

If you have an old chiming clock, chances are it may have some small defects, especially if it has not been maintained well over the years. One of the most common problems in these clocks is unsynchronized chiming, which is when the clock chimes during peculiar times or just before or after the hour. The good news is that this problem can be corrected without taking the clock to a specialist. You can do the job on your own in just a few minutes.

Hold on to the clock's minute hand and slowly turn it until you hear it sound off a chime. Hold the hand right on the mark or minute where you heard the first chime and take note of its position. Wait until you hear the clock chime and count the strikes or bongs.

Position your index finger on the centre part of your clock's hour hand and slowly move it in a clockwise direction until it reaches the correct hour where the chiming should be heard. You also could remove the hour hand with pliers and reinstall it to point at the correct hour.

Wait for the clock to chime again and remove the minute hand with pliers if the chime is still not in sync. Hold the minute hand at the centre with pliers and move it to the correct minute or hour. Reinstall the clock's minute hand, making sure that the hand nut is tightly screwed into place.

Use your fingers to move the minute hand clockwise until it reaches the correct hour to hear the chime.

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