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How to set chimes in a 31 day clock

Updated February 21, 2017

31-day chime clocks are primarily wall-mounted timepieces with spring-driven mechanisms. Some 31-day clocks are designed to chime once on the half-hour and then count the hours when the minute hand reaches the top of the dial. Quarter-hour clocks chime every 15 minutes and count each hour at the top. Newer 31-day quarter-hour chime clocks have a self-synchronising system that corrects itself within two hours. Older 31-day clocks which chime on the half-hour and hour are set by a manual method. You can set the chimes on your 31-day clock in 5 minutes.

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  1. Open the dial access door of the 31-day chime clock.

  2. Wind each of the clock springs fully with the clock key. The three winding arbor holes are in the front of the clock dial.

  3. Set the pendulum in motion. If the clock is equipped with a balance wheel rather than a pendulum, verify that the wheel is in motion by listening carefully for the tick-tock sound. If no sound is detected, set the balance wheel in motion by gently turning it with a toothpick from the rear of the clock.

  4. Turn the minute-hand in a clockwise direction to the nearest quarter-hour position. Allow the clock to complete its chime. Continue to turn the minute-hand in this manner until the correct time is reached.

  5. Check the position of the hour hand as the minute hand approaches the top of the hour. The hour hand on a 31-day chime clock is friction-fitted on its shaft, meaning it can be moved in either direction to indicate the hour that the clock chimes counted.

  6. Allow the clock to self-adjust, which takes two to four hours.

  7. Open the front access door of the 31-day clock.

  8. Wind the clock springs fully with the clock key.

  9. Turn the minute hand in a clockwise direction to the correct time.

  10. Adjust the hour hand to the correct numeral or increment if necessary. The hour hand can be moved in either direction.

  11. Raise the wire lever hanging on the left-side interior of the clock case. Once raised, let go of the wire and count the number of strikes. Continue the process until the number of strikes corresponds to the hour of the day.

  12. Tip

    If the 31-day clock is equipped with a chime silencer lever, be sure that it is in the "Chime" position. The wire raised on older 31-day chime clocks is connected to a lever that controls the movement of the chime count wheel.

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Things You'll Need

  • Winding key
  • Toothpick

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