How to Open Combination Lock Boxes

Updated February 21, 2017

Combination locks are used to keep items safe. You may find them securing bikes and lockers at schools, offices, health clubs and recreational facilities. Combination lock boxes are also used to hold house keys during a house sale. Although you need to have a sequential series of numbers to open a combination lock box, not all lock boxes are fully secure from entry. Combination locks on doors may require electronic circuitry as well, which makes them more secure.

Memorise the number combination to open your lock.

Rotate the dial a few times to clear any rotations from memory.

Rotate the dial in a clockwise direction, passing the first number in the combination two full times. On the third time around, stop on the first number.

Rotate the dial counterclockwise, skipping the second number the first time.

Continue rotating the dial counterclockwise, and stop on the second number in the combination the second time around.

Rotate the dial in a clockwise direction, and stop at the last number in the combination.

Pull the latch and open the lock.

Obtain the combination lock code from Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or your real estate office.

Punch in the numbers on the lock box.

Open the lock box, and retrieve the house keys.


Combination lock boxes may be opened even without the knowledge of combination numbers. Since it's quite easy to break into locks, important items should be left in a secure location.

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