How to Change a Battery in a BRK Smoke Detector

BRK manufactures smoke detectors. The company's battery operated models use a 9-volt snap-in battery, standard in battery-operated smoke detectors. The battery in a smoke detector should be changed several times a year to ensure proper operation when it is needed. Changing the battery in a BRK smoke detector is accomplished in the same way as most other brands.

Place a step ladder under the smoke detector to reach it. Ensure the step ladder is fully open to avoid an accident.

Twist the body of the smoke detector counter-clockwise to remove it from the ceiling bracket. Take the smoke detector to a counter or dresser top to work on it.

Flip the smoke detector over and locate the battery compartment door. The door is rectangular in shape, and on one of the short ends of the rectangle there is an indentation.

Slide your fingernail under the door by the indentation and flip up the door.

Pull out the old battery from where it snaps into the connection in the smoke detector.

Insert the new battery in the same position that the old one occupied. Snap the battery into the connection on the smoke detector and close the door.

Reinstall the smoke detector onto the ceiling bracket by twisting it clockwise. Test the smoke detector by pressing the test button on the unit.

Things You'll Need

  • Step ladder
  • 9-volt battery
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