How to make a sugarcraft freesia flower

The six perfect petals of the freesia flower can be reproduced in the sugar craft material known as gum paste. After the sugar flower has been formed, it can be kept in a covered container for use as a cake or cupcake decoration. Gum paste is a pliable sugar dough that has been mixed with gums and is widely used for wedding cake decorations. Although it is considered edible, gum paste is bland and not usually consumed.

Roll a small ball of gum paste to the size of marble. Elongate the ball to a teardrop shape.

Cut an "X" into the rounded portion of the teardrop. Cut a line through the centre of the "X" to create six evenly spaced sections.

Press one cut section between your thumb and index finger to create a petal shape. Repeat with all sections to create the six petals of the freesia flower.

Rolls 1/2 teaspoon of yellow gum paste into a long thin snake shape. Cut four 1/3-inch sections from the snake for freesia stamens. Dip the stamen ends in water and insert the stamens into the centre of the freesia flower.

Things You'll Need

  • 113gr. coloured or white gum paste
  • 28.4gr. yellow gum paste
  • Craft knife
  • Covered container
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