How to Convert a PS2 Guitar to an XBox Guitar

If you have both a PlayStation and an Xbox, you may have a controller for the PlayStation that you want to use on the Xbox. Popular guitar games, such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, have expensive controllers with specific designs. You can easily convert your PlayStation controller to work with your Xbox if you make a small investment and take a couple of minutes to set everything up.

Inspect your controller plugs and make sure they are standard for the system. The PlayStation controller plug has not changed over time. If you are using a wireless guitar, conversion may not work the same as it would with a wired guitar. Next, look at the system you are trying to plug into. An Xbox and an Xbox 360 have different controllers.

Buy a video game controller adaptor. Now that you have determined the type of conversion needed, you will have to purchase the appropriate adaptor. For the Xbox 360, the most popular adaptor for PlayStation controllers is the XFPS 360, but that adaptor is very expensive. If you are looking for a less expensive option or are trying to use an earlier generation Xbox, you can find many other adaptors by searching online for "PlayStation to Xbox adaptors" on sites like Google Shopping, eBay, or

Plug your PlayStation guitar into the adaptor and plug the adaptor into your Xbox or Xbox 360. The adaptor should come with a diagram showing you how to plug everything in if you are having trouble. The functionality of the guitar may change when used through the adaptor, so test it until you are familiar with the new controls.

Once your controller is working, you should be able to play Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or any other game on your Xbox or Xbox 360 using a PlayStation controller.


Read the details and specifications before purchasing an adaptor. Many adaptors are available online. Whether you purchase it through an online store or a traditional retail store, make sure you can return the adaptor if it does not work as expected.


Adaptors have a range of prices and quality levels. A higher quality adaptor may be more expensive. However, do not buy an adaptor based on price alone. Read reviews before making a purchase. Some expensive adaptors do not work as well as cheaper ones.

Things You'll Need

  • PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or other guitar controller
  • Xbox or Xbox 360 System
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