How to Troubleshoot a Life Fitness Treadmill

Updated March 23, 2017

Life Fitness treadmills are motorised equipment with features designed to make your workouts useful and convenient. A problem in your Life Fitness treadmill can be due to a number of issues. If it is the motor causing the problem and if your product is under warranty, you can have the motor replaced. Sometimes, however, minor aspects in the belt, deck and the wiring can cause a Life Fitness treadmill problems, and some basic troubleshooting steps can help.

Check your treadmill belt. It should be correctly aligned with the deck. Any misalignment can cause the treadmill to slow down or generate a slapping sound. If the belt needs realignment, simply loosen the belt adjustment bolt located toward the back of the treadmill. Center the belt back in place and tighten the adjustment bolt. Run the treadmill on a slow speed to ensure the belt is properly aligned. Be sure to unplug the treadmill prior to any maintenance.

Check the condition of the treadmill belt. A belt that feels soft underneath indicates wear. This can create noise or slow down the machine. In this case, replace the belt.

Check the power supply. According to Life Fitness, you can derive maximum performance from your Life Fitness treadmill with a dedicated 15-amp circuit. If there is a circuit tripping despite the dedicated circuit, it could be friction between the treadmill belt and the deck. Consult experts for a solution.

Examine the stop switch of the treadmill for proper functioning. Also, check if the ground plug has broken away from the power cord. In case of either situation, the treadmill may reset itself and the console may prompt for a machine start. Seek expert help in such cases.

Examine the visible cords and wiring system of the treadmill for loose connections. This can cause the treadmill to shut down at an irregular pace.

Check if the belt and deck of the treadmill are smooth to the touch. An uneven belt or rough deck is not comfortable for a workout. Have the belt and deck replaced.


Examine the Life Fitness treadmill belt periodically for wear and tear. For belt replacement, you can contact Life Fitness at 1-800-328-9714 or 1-763-323-4500


Make sure that the circuit on which your treadmill runs is not shared by any large household appliances, which may lead to circuit failure. Seek technical help from Life Fitness if you are not sure you can handle the problem without causing damage to the product.

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