How to Use a Samsung Remote Control Model AH59-01778F

Written by dean lee | 13/05/2017

Though the Samsung AH59-01778F remote control came with your Samsung home-theatre systems, it can also be used for basic controls on a TV, including power, volume and channels. In order to use the remote with a TV, you need to program it with a manufacturer's code.

Push the "DVD/Receiver" button, then push either "DVD," "Tuner" or "Aux" to control a specific function on the receiver.

Push "Power."

Push the various function buttons such as "Play," "Stop" or "Volume" to control the receiver.

Push the "TV" button on the remote.

Push and hold "Power" while entering one of the two-digit codes listed for your TV's manufacturer in the User's Manual of your Samsung home-theatre system.

Release the "Power" button, then push the "Power" button again. If the TV turns on, your remote has been programmed. If it does not, repeat Steps 1 and 2 with the next manufacturer's code until the TV turns on.

Things you need

  • Samsung home-theatre system User's Manual

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