How to Overclock Phoenix Award BIOS

Updated March 23, 2017

Computer owners who desire to overclock their Phoenix Award BIOS have the capability to operate their computers on a frequency greater than the level set by the system manufacturer. This allows the machine to operate at a higher level than normal. However, note that the overclock process does not come without potential issues, such as damage due to high temperatures. By learning how to work with the "clocks" on the computer, you can overclock the Phoenix BIOS.

Restart the laptop or desktop. When the display comes up, push "F2" prior to the start of Windows to get to the Phoenix BIOS.

Go to "Advanced Chipset," then find "Clocks." Add to the value in this field. Do not add too much to this value as it can cause damage to the system.

Click on the "Unlinked" option. This enables you to remove the RAM (Random Access Memory) and graphics card of the system from the overclock process.

Go to the "System Voltage" menu. Configure the voltage to a speed similar to the computer processor's speed.

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