How to Send Texts Online

Updated July 19, 2017

Communicating through text messaging is a way to quickly contact someone without having to call him. Not only can you send a text message through your cell phone, you can also send a text message online. You can send a text message from your e-mail account for free or use one of the online text message websites, most of which are free as well. You will need to know the person's cell phone provider company to send a text online.

Open your e-mail account. Click "Compose," "Write New Email" or "New Message," depending on your e-mail provider. Place your cursor in the "To" box.

Type the person's 10-digit cell phone number, followed by the correct way of formatting the email address depending on the carrier. See the Make Use Of website listed under Resource on this page for a list of carriers. For example, if the person has a Sprint cell phone, you would type 1234567890@ for the email address.

Type the subject and e-mail in the appropriate boxes. Remember, you are sending a text message, so the email can't be over 160 characters. Proofread and send when complete.

Access an online text messaging website. (See Resources.) Online Text Messages and Text Em, are examples of free text messages websites.

Fill in the designated form on the Web page that includes the person's cell phone number, the name of his cell phone provider, your e-mail address (optional) and the text message.

Send the text message. Another page will confirm your message was sent.

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