How to Sell Vintage Furs

Updated July 19, 2017

While many people view fur coats and jackets as symbols of status, these garments are also practical for those who live in cold climates and desirable for anyone looking to own a luxurious piece of outerwear. Vintage furs have become especially popular with people who are looking for a opulent item at an affordable price. Selling a vintage fur can take some time, but there are many avenues available that offer the potential for a successful sale.

Know your coat. According to the website Fur Coats Information, the best way to sell a fur is know as much as possible about it. This includes knowing the type of fur, the size, the overall condition of the piece, how the coat was stored, whether or not it has any repairs and how old it is. These are all things potential buyers will want to know before they make an offer.

Sell to a fur dealer. Some fur dealers will buy vintage coats and jackets, and this is often the easiest option for a quick sale. However, the price you will get is lower than if you sold directly to a consumer because the dealer wants to make a profit when he goes to resell the fur. Call area furriers to find out if they buy vintage goods.

Contact local consignment stores. Consignment stores offer a good potential for selling your coat, though it may take some time. The most sellable vintage furs are in good condition, are a classic style, and are a large, rather than a small, size. Look for consignment stores that specialise in upscale merchandise and have a track record in selling vintage furs.

Sell on eBay. One of the largest marketplaces for vintage furs is eBay. Putting your fur up for sale on this site lets thousands of potential customers see your coat. In order to get the best price, give as much information as possible about your fur and include many pictures. Also, be honest if there are any problems with the coat and disclose those in your description. To see what prices furs have realised on the site, search through completed auctions. You will need to register with eBay in order to use this feature. Registration is free.


Be aware that vintage and used furs sell for much less money than new garments. Do not expect to get close to a new coat price for your older fur. If you feel the price you may receive seems unreasonably low, it is probably best to hang on to the coat and enjoy it yourself. When selling through a consignment store, be sure to factor in the percentage of the profit the store takes for its services.

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