How to Sync Outlook With Lotus Organizer

Updated March 20, 2017

The Lotus Organizer is a personal information management device that lets you manage your notes, address book, calendar and other data. Because the Organizer does not run the Windows Mobile operating system, you cannot use Windows Mobile Device Center for syncing your data. You must convert the data from Lotus format into Outlook format, and then import it into Outlook.

Connect the Lotus to your computer with its data cable.

Export your data on the Lotus by clicking "Contacts," "File," "Export" and selecting a location to save the file. Enter a file name, and click "Export."

Start Outlook by clicking "Start," then "Programs" and clicking "Microsoft Outlook."

Click "File," "Import and Export," and click "Import from another program or file." Click "Next."

Click "Tab Separated Values (Windows)" and "Next." Click "Browse" in the box titled "File to import," locate the saved file, and click "Next."

Click on the checkbox that describes the import action. Click on "Map Custom Fields" if it disappears upon clicking the import action description.

Click each item in the column labelled "Value," and drag each one to the "Field" column. Click "OK," and then "Finish."

Wait for the import wizard to complete the sync process.

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