How to Add a Site Exception to Norton Internet Security

Written by helen jain | 13/05/2017
How to Add a Site Exception to Norton Internet Security
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Norton Internet Security is an antivirus, anti-malware software option that comes with firewalls and other protection for a computer. The firewalls or parental controls in Norton software sometimes do not allow computer owners to access websites that they know are fine due to supposed risks or problems with the site. Adding an exception to the Norton Internet Security can allow the user to go onto the website.

Open Norton Internet Security. If there is a shortcut, double-click on the shortcut. Otherwise, click "Start" and open the program manually through the start bar.

Click "Settings" and "Personal Firewall" to open the firewall options.

Select "Configure" and "Program Control" to add a program to the firewall. Click "Add".

Select the website. Norton should have a list of any website visited previously.

Click "Modify" and then "Add All" to tell the program to allow any web page connected to the website. This will allow the exception through the firewall.

Open Norton Internet Security.

Double-click "Parental Controls." Select "Sites" from the drop-down list to tell the program that it is dealing with websites.

Click "Exceptions" and click "Add" to add an exception website.

Type the URL of the website in the dialogue box and then select "OK" to add the specific website to the list of exceptions. This will allow access to the specific website.

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