How to use a stretcher wood shoe spreader

Updated March 23, 2017

A shoe stretcher is usually made of maple wood, with metal in between the wood. There are different kinds of shoe stretchers, depending on the various shoe sizes and styles for women or men. Stretching your shoes with a shoe stretcher is simple--all you need is the basic materials to fit your shoe the way that you desire.

Spray the shoes with shoe-stretch aerosol. You can also apply a shoe stretch liquid to shoes. These products help loosen the material of the shoe.

Place the shoe stretcher in your shoe as far as you can. Turn the handle on the shoe stretcher until it feels tight.

Turn the shoe stretcher three more times. Once you've done that, keep the shoe stretcher in the shoe overnight and then remove it from the shoe.

Things You'll Need

  • Shoe-stretch aerosol
  • Shoe-stretch liquid
  • Shoe stretcher
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