Vespa PX 150 Tools

Written by tom lutzenberger
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Vespa PX 150 Tools
Vespa engines require a handful of speciality tools based on factory workshop specifications from Piaggio. (piston de scooter image by Vetea TOOMARU from

The Vespa PX 150 scooter was the last in the line of Italian Vespa scooters that retained the vintage scooter look made famous in the 1953 movie "Holiday in Rome." It's easy to work on mechanically and has been reliable for years as a transportation workhorse. However, the scooter does require a number of speciality tools to perform advanced repairs, some for the engine and others for bodywork.

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Clutch Tools

Clutch nut tool: While it works similarly to a socket with a socket wrench, the clutch nut tool comes with a serrated edge to match the Vespa clutch's securing nut, which is recessed inside the clutch. A normal wrench would not be able to turn this nut.

Clutch holding tool: Since the clutch is attached to the crankshaft, it will turn on the crankshaft bearing if not held in place. The holding tool hooks the side of the clutch to the engine case so it stays in place as the clutch nut is either secured or loosened.

Flywheel Tools

Flywheel puller: The flywheel wheel on a Vespa PX engine is pressured onto the crankshaft. So while the securing nut can be removed with a socket wrench, the flywheel won't come off by hand. The puller screws into the flywheel fan itself, and the tool centre has a bolt that tightens down and pushes against the crankshaft centre, pulling the fan off the crankshaft.

Flywheel holder tool: Similar to the clutch holding tool, the flywheel holder secures to the flywheel fan and the engine case so that the fan can't turn with the crankshaft as the securing nut is either tightened or loosened.

Piston Tools

Piston Gudgeon Pin Removal Tool: This handy tools allows you to gently release the piston from the crankshaft by running a barrel through the piston, pushing the gudgeon pin that connects it to the crankshaft out one side. The tool can be reversed for piston installation as well.

Crankshaft Arm Holder: This tool keeps the crankshaft stabilised so that work on the piston doesn't accidentally bend the crankshaft arm or let the assembly spin inadvertently.

Body Tools

Fuel Tap Nut Tool: Given the design of the Vespa gas tank on the PX, it's impossible to loosen the fuel tap nut inside the tank with normal tools. The fuel tap nut tool reaches down to the nut and allows it to be loosened or tightened with ease.

Legshield Beading Tool: Specific to how the protecting beading is applied to the edge of a Vespa legshield on the frame, this tool allows new beading to be applied or removed per factory method.

Rebuild Tools

Case Splitter: This large tool clamps onto the flywheel side of the PX engine and allows the engine to be split apart after bolts are removed. This avoids damage from trying to hammer the engine halves loose with normal mallets or hammers.

Bearing Punches: Sized to specific bearings used in the Vespa engine, punches allow a mechanic to remove or install bearings without damaging the surrounding engine case material, which is made of soft aluminium.

Crankshaft Bearing Puller: The Vespa crankshaft frequently comes off with the main bearing attached to it. This tool allows safe removal of the bearing without damaging the crankshaft assembly by levering or hammering.

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