How to Connect Your TV to Stereo for Sound

Updated February 21, 2017

A TV set with a set of stereo audio output jacks can be connected in seconds to a stereo system for rich, expanded sound. The stereo receiver or amplifier is equipped with multiple input jacks for connecting different components, such as a turntable or CD player. The TV connects the same as any other component using a standard set of stereo cables. The cable plugs are coloured to match the jacks for a simple connection.

Unplug the TV and stereo from the electricity to prevent a power surge that could damage the equipment.

Insert the white and red plugs on one end of the stereo cable into the TV's left and right audio output jacks, respectively.

Plug the other ends into a set of audio input jacks on the rear of the stereo. Any available pair of inputs will work. The jacks are labelled, so make a note of which pair is used for the connection.

Plug in and turn on the equipment, then set the stereo's component selector knob on the front panel to the set of jacks that connect it to the TV. For instance, if the TV is plugged into a set of jacks labelled Auxiliary, set the component selector knob to "AUX" or "Auxiliary." Sound from the TV will be sent to the stereo for playback.

Things You'll Need

  • Stereo cable with 1/4-inch plugs on each end
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