How to get rid of dog urine smell with lime

Dog urine odours radiating from your lawn are unpleasant and embarrassing. It is difficult to control such odours if your dog does not have much room to roam, causing it to urinate in the same areas multiple times. Fortunately, you can use lime powder and lime juice to neutralise the odours by altering the pH levels of the soil. Sprinkling affected areas helps to remove the unpleasant scent. To prevent urine odours, try to train your dog to urinate in other areas (if possible) and immediately add water to the spots after you notice the dog relieve itself.

Purchase a dust mask and powdered lime from a home and garden supply store, supermarket or pet supply store. If you prefer, you can use lime juice instead. Purchase lime juice at your nearby supermarket.

Locate all the areas on your lawn that have a urine odour. You may need to kneel down closely to identify the places.

Put on your dust mask and generously sprinkle lime powder on each area that is producing odour. According to the Daily Puppy website, sprinkle "about half a cup per square foot on the source of the odour." If you prefer, you can sprinkle lime juice in place of the powder.

Sprinkle the lime powder around the area in a large circle. The Daily Puppy website suggests sprinkling "about one cup per 10-square-feet around the source of the odour in a large circle."

Complete this process for all located areas that are radiating a urine scent.

Repeat the process when the scent returns.


Avoid inhaling lime powder. Always wear a dust mask when sprinkling the lime powder to prevent irritation to the respiratory tract.

Things You'll Need

  • Lime powder or juice
  • Dust mask
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