How to clean a petrol spill on a concrete floor

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When petrol spills on a concrete surface, the toxic fumes and flammable nature of the spill require immediate attention. Petrol spilling on concrete needs fast attention because it can stain and leave residual odours. Because concrete is porous, it can absorb petrol, creating a permanent problem if you do not act quickly to minimise damage. When a petrol spill occurs, a degreaser product effectively cuts through the flammable spill to contain it and remove it.

Sprinkle cat litter over the petrol to absorb as much as possible. Apply the cat litter in a 25- to 50-mm (1- to 2-inch) layer and allow it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

Sweep the cat litter up with a push broom after it absorbs the petrol. Dispose of the used litter as a hazardous waste. Consult local authorities for the proper method of disposing of hazardous waste contaminated with petrol.

Mix the degreaser with water according to package instructions, if necessary. Some degreasers come premixed in a spray bottle, needing no dilution, and others require dilution, generally one part degreaser and one part water.

Pour or spray the degreaser over the petrol spill area, covering the area completely.

Allow the degreaser to work at the petrol. Consult the package instructions for specific setting time.

Scrub the area with the scrub brush, working the citrus degreaser into the petrol well. Continue scrubbing until you remove as much as possible.

Hose the spill area with the hose to rinse away the citrus degreaser.

Repeat the citrus degreaser application a second time if petrol odours or stains persist.

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