How to Troubleshoot an Acer P205H LCD

Updated February 21, 2017

Acer's P205H liquid-crystal display monitor is part of Acer's P series of monitors. It's a 16:9 format 20-inch LCD that displays 6 per cent more content than a common 19-inch screen. It's fully compatible with HD content such as Blu-ray video. Problems with the Acer P205H LCD can include picture and sound issues.

Check the power switch on the LCD if there's no picture and the power light on the front of the LCD is off. Check that the power cable is connected and that the video cable is connected on the back of the monitor. Verify that the computer is indeed turned on.

Check that the audio cable between the Acer P205H and the computer is connected if you are using the Acer's built-in speakers. The green plug connects to the computer's sound card. Look for a green jack. Check that the volume on the PC is not in its minimum position and that it is not muted.

Turn the power switch off and then on again to remove any flickering that may occur when viewing the Acer under florescent light. Turn the power switch off and leave the monitor off if there's an afterimage on the screen. Afterimages can be caused when a single image is displayed for a long period. You can correct this by leaving the monitor off overnight.

Run the auto-adjustment feature if the picture doesn't look good. Press "e," the first button from the left, and open the colour management menu. Use the arrow buttons to select the standard mode, graphic mode (for images) or movie mode. Then press the "Auto" key to run automatic adjustment.

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