How to Install a Flagpole Rope

Updated February 21, 2017

Because flagpoles are exposed to wind, rain and other bad weather conditions, there may be times when the flagpole's rope becomes frayed and needs to be replaced. The rope typically runs through a pulley at the top of the flagpole. Although climbing a ladder to install a new flagpole rope by hand is one option, it can be dangerous if the flagpole is tall. An alternate solution uses the old flagpole rope to help install the new rope.

Cut the old flagpole rope with a sharp knife.

Identify the end of the old rope that does not have the flag attached to it. Lay the end of the new flagpole rope against this end. Tape the other end to the flagpole to keep it from blowing away.

Cut off an 8-inch strip of electrical tape or duct tape. Lay this strip of tape lengthwise along the ropes, positioning the place where they meet in the centre. Wrap the tape around the ropes. If the tape does not go at least halfway around the ropes, put another piece on the other side.

Cut another strip of tape measuring about 16 inches long and tightly wrap it in a spiral around the portion you already taped. This ensures that your tape will not come off as you thread the rope through the pulley.

Hold the remaining end of the new flagpole rope in one hand or attach it to the flagpole with a piece of tape. Be careful not to pull the rope through too far and end up with this end out of your reach.

Remove the tape holding the other end of the old flagpole rope to the flagpole. Pull this end down toward the ground, raising the taped portion toward the top of the pole. Continue pulling the rope gently and evenly until the taped portion has gone through the pulley and returned down to you. You may meet some resistance when pulling the taped portion through the pulley, but slow and even pressure should get it through.

Remove the tape connecting the old rope to the new one.

Remove the tape holding the other end of the new rope to the flagpole and tie the two ends of the new rope together.

Attach your flag to the new rope.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife
  • New flagpole rope measuring twice the flagpole height
  • Duct tape or electrical tape
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