How to Replace a Rear Tail Light Cover on a Nissan Pathfinder

Updated March 23, 2017

Replace the tail light lens on your Nissan Pathfinder when the cover is cracked or otherwise damaged. Installing a new lens cover isn't much more work than simply replacing the tail light bulbs, since the unit has to be removed to replace the Pathfinder's bulbs anyway.

Open the Pathfinder's cargo door to access the lens cover screws. On the inside edge of the lens, you'll see two Phillips screws. Remove them with the Phillips screwdriver.

Pull the lens cover outward to remove it. It's attached to the vehicle by the bulb wiring. The wiring harness splits into three sections: one for each bulb on the back of the lens. Turn the base of each bulb counter clockwise to unscrew it from the lens. Pay close attention to the location of each bulb and the wire attached to it. The small bulb goes on the bottom; the large bulbs go on top.

Discard or set aside the old lens cover. Grab the new lens cover and insert each bulb. Turn each bulb socket clockwise to attach it to the lens cover. Ensure that the wiring harnesses for the top two bulbs are not crisscrossed; this would mean that the wrong bulb is plugged into the wrong hole.

Set the new lens cover with the bulbs attached into the lens mount. Replace the Phillips screws and close the cargo door.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Replacement tail light lens cover
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