How to Troubleshoot a Technics Compact Disc Player SL-P102

Written by james clark | 13/05/2017
How to Troubleshoot a Technics Compact Disc Player SL-P102
Clean the lens in your Technics CD player so it can read discs again. (cd image by Thierry Hoarau from

The Technics Compact Disc Player SL-P102 is a discontinued model first sold in 1989. This single-disc player uses a standard set of RCA-type stereo cables to connect with an amplifier or receiver. Due to the age of the SL-P102 and difficulty of finding replacement parts for a discontinued model, you might not be able to repair the player if it's broken. However, you can troubleshoot and possibly fix minor common problems that affect many CD player models.

Press the power button on the front left side of the Technics component to see if the LCD panel illuminates, which indicates that the player is receiving power.

Check the two cable connections, white and red, from the back of the Technics player to the amplifier or receiver. Push each plug firmly into its jack.

Eject the tray on the Technics player and insert the lens cleaning disc, shiny side down. Close the tray.

Press the "Play" button on the front of the component to run the disc cleaning cycle. This usually takes less than five minutes.

Insert an audio CD in the Technics tray and close it to test the CD playback. Run the cleaning disc cycle a second time if the CD won't play. Try a different disc to be sure the problem isn't with the CD itself.

Things you need

  • CD laser lens cleaner

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