How to Spot a Fake Fendi Spy Bag

When purchasing a brand-name Fendi Spy Bag, it is important to recognise counterfeit bags to avoid being ripped off. Although a bag may look and feel authentic, there are many subtle differences in real and fake Fendi Spy Bags. Upon closer examination, you will be able to tell whether or not your Fendi Spy Bag is authentic or counterfeit.

Look at your Fendi Spy Bag from the front. Examine the woven wand in the centre of the bag. If the wand is not woven from top to bottom, the bag is not authentic. Also, the wand should have Fendi engraved on it (on a metal piece). When rubbing your finger over "Fendi," it should be smooth. You should not be able to feel the engraving at all.

Check the hardware on the bag. The clasps and metal plates should be gold and silver tones. Some new Fendi Spy Bags only use one colour. If the pieces are not gold or silver, the bag is a fake.

Examine the screws on the bag. Authentic Fendi Spy Bags use flathead screws on the bag. Any Phillips-head screws or screws other than flatheads are a dead giveaway that the bag is fake.

Check the end cap on the Fendi Spy Bag. If the end cap is thin glass, the bag is counterfeit.

Open the bag and look inside at the hologram tag. If the tag can be peeled off, the bag is a fake. Fendi hologram tags cannot be peeled.

Check the serial number on the tag. If the serial number is printed on the tag, it is a fake. Fendi actually sews the serial number into the tag.


Users who are unsure as to whether or not their bag is authentic may enter the serial number in an online search. Sometimes, the serial number on counterfeit bags will take you to the website where it was sold.

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