How to Find Old Exam Results

Official exam results must often be included in applications to college. Some other entities like professional licensing boards may also require you to submit official exam results. However, if you took your exams a long time ago and you no longer have your official results, you may have to contact the test administrator to get another copy of them.

Find out who administers the test. For example, if you need copies of your SAT scores, the College Board would be the organisation to contact.(See Reference 1.) Visit the website of the exam if one has been published online to find out who administers the exam. If you need to find out who administers a professional certification or licensing exam, contact your state board of licensing for your profession or the professional association that certifies individuals in your line of work.

Call or send a letter to the test administration entity. Include information about which particular test you took, as the administrator may give more than one test. Also include your name and the date you took the exam. If you do not remember the exact date you took the test, give as close a date as you can.

Request a copy of the exam results. You may have to have them sent directly to whom you need to submit them so that they are considered official. Know the address where they need to be sent before you contact the administrator, if this is the case. Fees may apply to receive a copy of your official results or to have them sent. They will vary depending on the test administrator's individual policies.


Know that if you took the exam more than a few years ago, your exam results may not be valid. It may be necessary to take the exam again. Contact the organisation you are submitting your test results to for more information before you try to get a copy of your exam results.

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