How to Unlock the Touchpad for a Toshiba

Updated April 14, 2017

When typing quickly on a laptop keyboard, it is possible that, through a unintended combination of key strokes, you'll send a command to the laptop that changes one of its functions. On a Toshiba laptop one such unintended command could lock the laptop's touchpad, disabling the mouse cursor and possibly distressing the user. Fortunately, Toshiba has included a function for its laptops that can be used to both lock and unlock the touchpad.

Test the touchpad to make sure that it isn't damaged. Do so by swiping a finger in all directions on the touchpad. If it still moves, though erratically, it could be damaged rather than locked. If this is the case your laptop's Touchpad may require repair.

Press and hold the laptop's FN (function) key found at the bottom row of the laptop's keyboard. It is typically found next to the Windows key and its text may be coloured differently than the other keys.

Press the F9 key typically found on the top row of a laptop's keyboard while holding the FN key. The touchpad should now be unlocked.

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