How to Add A5 to Adobe PDF Writer

Updated April 17, 2017

Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer is the PDF (portable document format) print driver that comes with Acrobat. It allows users to print to PDF from whatever program they are using on a computer that has Acrobat installed. PDF Writer defaults to the paper settings the computer uses when printing to traditional printers, but those settings can be changed.

Set up the page properties in the original application. Pick A5 or create a custom paper that matches the A5 paper size.

Begin the print process from the original application and pick "Adobe PDF" as your printer.

Specify the dimensions of the PDF from the PDF dialogue box. For windows, click "Set Up" and then "Properties." For Mac OS X, click on the PDF options from the pop-up menu in the print dialogue box.

Find the paper size from the drop-down menu. If A5 isn't available, click on "Add/Modify" and create a new A5. Type in the width and height, and save the changes.

Click "Print." Adobe defaults to giving the new PDF document the same name as the original document but with .pdf as the file type. If you choose to, pick a new name and a file location before the document is converted.


A5 paper is 210mm x 148mm (8.3 inches x 5.8 inches).

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